Make Your Gunsmithing Searches Quicker and Easier

All of the major web browsers give you the ability to quickly search a website without having to first visit the page. They do this by providing a search box that lets you type in a search request and when you press enter it takes you to the website with the results you requested ready and waiting for you. I have a Google search engine set up so that no matter where I am on the web I am one step away from the Google search results I am looking for. This may not sound like a big deal, but if you do a lot of searching this saves you a step or two each time you use it.

Your browser will come with one or more choices in search engines already installed and you can find and install new ones. I have found search engines for Amazon, eBay, Twitter, YouTube and countless others but I could not find one for the web sites that I use while looking for gunsmithing parts and information.

I decided to see what it takes to create one of these search engines and found that it only takes a little bit of coding to create the files necessary. I tinkered around a little bit and created search engines for two of the gunsmithing sites that I visit most often, and I have been using my “home brewed” search engines for about a year now and thought a few of you might find them handy. I have made them available here and have written instructions for installing and using them.

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