Magazine Index Improvements

Over the last month I have heard from many of you concerning the magazine index. The comments and suggestions are appreciated. I have been working hard at making changes to the database over the last couple of weeks and today I am releasing the new version. When you go to the magazine index you will notice a lot of changes. Some are just cosmetic to make it look better but others are structural changes that will make it easier to implement some of the new features and improvements that have been suggested.

Here are some of the changes that have been made:

New tabs

Quicker/Easier Access: Instead of placing the Article and Issues list on two separate pages they are now both on one page and accessible by clicking on the appropriate tab for the list you wish to see.





Themes: You can change the overall look of the list by clicking on the Theme drop down list and choosing a new theme.






ImagePopupPopup graphics: The issue list has always had a thumbnail picture of the cover, now if you click on the thumbnail a larger version of it will appear on your screen. Just click the X in the upper corner to close it and return to the list.





Improved Searching: The search ability has several improvements. For fields that have a limited choice (e.g. Month, Year, Section, Author, etc) there is now a drop down list of available choices to search for. Search speed is greatly increased.




Other Improvements:

  • Better looking – The original was very basic.
  • Improved resizing ability – If you want to adjust the size of the list to make it easier to read or fit your screen better, you can hold down the Ctrl key and use your mouse wheel to adjust the size. (this works on most websites)
  • Resizable Columns – Many of the columns can have their width adjusted to suit your needs. Just click and drag on the vertical line between two columns.
  • Ready for the future – A lot of the changes made were internal structural changes to the database to allow us to add future features.
  • Improved sorting – Faster sorting

Future enhancements:

Article Tags: Article tagging would improve the search results. Currently if the article is titled “Fine tuning your 92FS” then a search for Beretta would not locate that article. If I tag the article with the keywords: Beretta, Handgun, 9MM, and Semi-Auto then a search for any of the words in the title or any of the tag words will pull up that article in the search results.

I own that issue: I will have to come up with a better term for this but the basic concept is to give you the ability to check off all of the issues that you currently have in your library. That way when your search results are listed the article or issues that you currently have in your library will be highlighted to let you know that you own that issue.

If you have any comments on the changes I’ve made or want to submit a suggestion then please leave a comment in the box below.



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3 thoughts on “Magazine Index Improvements

  1. All your work is much appreciated. I find American Gunsmith magazine extremely informative. Might I suggest a search capability that would allow me to search for every past article on a specific gun? That would be very helpful to me when I receive a gun that I have little experience working on. I could then search the archives to find which year/month had an article on this specific gun. Thanks again.

    • You can search the title and summary column of the articles by clicking in the text box below the column header. Type in the search term and hit enter. The list will be limited to the articles with that word in the column that you searched.

      I know that the title of the article does not always contain the information you are looking for such as when the title says “Working on the 92 F/S” a search for Beretta will not find that article. I am currently working on adding the ability to add “Tags” to articles so that it will be possible to do additional searches. for example the article titled “Working on the 92 F/S” could have tags such as Beretta, Handgun, Semi-Auto, 9mm, etc. Keep an eye out for this enhancement in the future.

      Thanks again for your comments,


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