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Do you need a microscope in your gunsmithing toolkit?

USB_MicroscopeAfter checking out the inexpensive borescope from my earlier review I decided to look around and see what other inexpensive tools I might be able to add to my collection and came across the “Plugable USB 2.0 handheld digital microscope” and decided to check it out. I figured that for the price it was worth a try.

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Inexpensive Borescope

I have wanted to add a borescope to my tool collection, but I have never been able to justify the cost. A good quality borescope starts at about $600 and the cost quickly rises as you add options. I recently came across a USB video borescope on Amazon that is only $25. I wasn’t expecting much but I figured that for the price it was worth a checking out.
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Make Your Gunsmithing Searches Quicker and Easier

All of the major web browsers give you the ability to quickly search a website without having to first visit the page. They do this by providing a search box that lets you type in a search request and when you press enter it takes you to the website with the results you requested ready and waiting for you. I have a Google search engine set up so that no matter where I am on the web I am one step away from the Google search results I am looking for. This may not sound like a big deal, but if you do a lot of searching this saves you a step or two each time you use it.

Your browser will come with one or more choices in search engines already installed and you can find and install new ones. I have found search engines for Amazon, eBay, Twitter, YouTube and countless others but I could not find one for the web sites that I use while looking for gunsmithing parts and information.

I decided to see what it takes to create one of these search engines and found that it only takes a little bit of coding to create the files necessary. I tinkered around a little bit and created search engines for two of the gunsmithing sites that I visit most often, and I have been using my “home brewed” search engines for about a year now and thought a few of you might find them handy. I have made them available here and have written instructions for installing and using them.

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Magazine Index Improvements

Over the last month I have heard from many of you concerning the magazine index. The comments and suggestions are appreciated. I have been working hard at making changes to the database over the last couple of weeks and today I am releasing the new version. When you go to the magazine index you will notice a lot of changes. Some are just cosmetic to make it look better but others are structural changes that will make it easier to implement some of the new features and improvements that have been suggested.

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Gunsmith Locator

While monitoring the traffic coming to this website I have found that a lot of people are visiting this site looking to find a gunsmith in their area. I decided to add a feature that will allow people to search for a gunsmith within a set distance of their location and display the results on a map.

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I created this website to be a home for the index I had made of my back issues of American Gunsmith Magazine. If you are interested in using this index, you may find it by clicking on this Magazine Index link.

Feel free to send an email to me at admin(a) if there is other information or services you would like for me to add to this site.